No display environment available

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No display environment available

Post by bspald1 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:16 am

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Baileys-MacBook-Air:~ baileyspalding$ cd ; clear; cp .nrn_as2sh /tmp/nrn_as2sh$$; sh /tmp/nrn_as2sh$$;rm -f /tmp/nrn_as2sh$$ ; exit

Warning: no DISPLAY environment variable.
--No graphics will be displayed.
NEURON -- VERSION 7.6.2 master (f5a1284) 2018-08-15
Duke, Yale, and the BlueBrain Project -- Copyright 1984-2018


This is what comes up when I load this. Everything works but there is no graphics that are supposed to come with it. There has been some responses for fixing this issue with python, but I don't have python on this computer.

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Re: No display environment available

Post by ted » Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:22 pm

If you're using a MacBook Air, why are you posting to
NEURON installation and configuration / MSWin
which focusses on problems specific to use of NEURON under Microsoft Windows?
This is what comes up when I load this.
When you load what? What is .nrn_as2sh supposed to be? I don't see anything called nrn_as2 anywhere--not in NEURON's source code, not in NEURON after installation under Linux, not on the web, not in ModelDB. Need a little more information from you.

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