NEURON course exercises

These exercises are adapted from the 2018 NEURON summer course given in Atlanta, Georgia. You can also download the course archive.


  1. Introduction to the GUI
    Lipid bilayer model
  2. Interactive modeling
    Squid axon model
  3. The CellBuilder
    Constructing a ball and stick model, saving session files
  4. Using morphometric data
    The Import3D tool
  5. Scripting NEURON with Python
  6. Using NMODL files
    Single compartment model with HHk mechanism
  7. Using ModelDB and ModelView
    Neuroinformatics tools for finding and understanding models
  8. Reaction-diffusion
  9. Specifying inhomogeneous channel distributions
    with the CellBuilder
  10. Custom initialization
  11. Introduction to the linear circuit builder
    A two-electrode voltage clamp
  12. State and parameter discontinuities
  13. Bulletin board parallelization
    Speed up embarrassingly parallel tasks
  14. HOC exercises
    Introduction to the HOC programming language
  15. Multithread parallelization
  16. Networks: discrete event simulations with artificial cells
    Introduction to the Network Builder
  17. Networks: continuous simulation of nets with biophysical model cells
    Network ready cells from the CellBuilder
  18. Hopfield-Brody network in Python
  19. MPI Parallelization
  20. Using the Neuroscience Gateway Portal
  21. Numerical Methods Exercises
  22. Electrotonic Analysis