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Programmer's Reference

Programmer’s reference guide tells you everything you need to know about programming NEURON. 

The git repository change log and sources

Exercises adapted from the 2018 NEURON course

Guides and Tutorials

For Neuron beginners

Help for the total beginner
What to read first.
Suggestions for how to develop models
Important practical hints about model development for anyone who is starting to work with NEURON.
Construction and Use of Models: Part 1. Elementary Tools
A good beginner's tutorial. Introduces some of NEURON's basic GUI tools.
Slides from a presentation on hoc syntax.
Clear and concise. Includes an example of program analysis (walkthrough of code for a model cell generated by the CellBuilder).

Important GUI Tools

Import3D tutorials
A convenient GUI tool for converting Eutectic, Neurolucida, and swc morphometric data into NEURON models.
CellBuilder tutorials
How to use the CellBuilder to construct stylized (stick figure) models, manage the biophysical properties of anatomically complex models, and specify variation of biophysical properties as functions of position (distance from a point etc.).
Channel Builder tutorials
A GUI tool for creating computationally efficient models of ligand- and voltage-gated channels.
Network Builder tutorials
Suggestion: use the Network Builder to make a toy net. Then click on its "Hoc file" button to create a file that you can mine for reusable code (e.g. so you can build a much bigger net algorithmically).

Python with Neuron

Scripting NEURON with Python
Includes: an introduction to Python, how to work with NEURON through Python, how to develop a model from a single cell through a network.
Examples of using the Python interpreter to work with hoc/nrniv objects
zip file from Sam Neymotin's presentation in the NEURON course at the 2014 OCNS meeting.
Reaction-diffusion tutorials
For models that include chemical signals.
"ModelView: Compact display of parameters for NEURON models."
This presentation of the ModelView tool is almost a tutorial. From our poster at the 2004 HBP Spring Meeting.
Multiple Run Fitter tutorials
NEURON's built-in optimization tool.

Other topics

Randomness in NEURON models
Discussions of potential uses of randomness in modeling, and practical examples of how to do it.
Dealing with simulations that generate a lot of data
Shows how to break "output-heavy" simulations into shorter segments.
Also check Courses
for links to information about upcoming NEURON courses, and hands-on exercises from a previous NEURON Summer Course.

And from our friends:

NEURON Tutorial

by Andrew Gillies and David Sterratt of Edinburgh University. Starts at "bog level" and, in five installments, has you adding new biophysical mechanisms and building networks.

Using NEURON to model cells

a tutorial by Oren Amsalem at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. An informative slide presentation plus Jupyter notebooks with helpful exercises.