Outline of "Construction and Use of Models: Part 1. Elementary tools"

This outline is based on my first talk at our course "Using the NEURON Simulation Environment" that was presented on Oct. 25, 1997 at the 27th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in New Orleans, LA. It will help you get started creating models and managing them with the graphical user interface.

This link will get you a pkzipped collection of these html files and images. Unzip this file to create a new directory subtree whose root is a directory called element. The entry to this outline is element/outline.htm

If you have any questions after reviewing these slides, please let me know!

--Ted Carnevale [ted dot carnevale at yale dot edu]



Step 1: Write the hoc source code

Step 2: Execute hoc source code

Step 3: Build user interface
Our starting point: NEURON Main Panel
We need a "Run" button: Bringing up the RunControl window
The RunControl window
Init, Init & Run
Stop, Continue til, Continue for, Single Step
t, Tstop, dt, Points plotted/ms
We need to plot results: Bringing up a Graph window
The v(t) Graph window
We need a stimulator: Bringing up the PointProcessManager
The PointProcessManager window
Create a current clamp
The current clamp parameters

Step 4: Use interface
Setting stimulus parameters
1. "Spinner"
2. "Direct entry" into numeric field
3. "Mathematical expression" in numeric field
Running the simulation
What the interface looks like
Run the simulation
Decrease stimulus and rerun
Changing the model by revising model code
or by using the graphical interface
The Distributed Mechanism Inserter
Rerunning the simulation
The new interface

Step 5: Save/Retrieve interface
How to save what we built
All the NEURON graphical windows that are open
Choosing which to save
Saving the selected windows
Naming the "saved session" file
Suppose you have exited NEURON and now you want to start over. How do you get back what you had saved?
Using the file chooser
It's baaack . . .
. . . and it works!

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