Using NMODL Files

Step 0:

Save hhkchan.mod into an empty directory.

Step 1:

All versions of NEURON on MacOS and Linux, and NEURON 7.7+ on Windows

In a terminal, navigate to the folder containing the hhkchan.mod file and run the shell script:


On a PC using a version of NEURON before 7.7

Launch mknrndll from the icon in the NEURON program group.

Navigate to the directory containing the desired mod files.

Select "Make nrnmech.dll" and the "mknrndll" script will create a nrnmech.dll file which contains the HHk model.

Step 2:

Using the location of hhkchan.mod as the working directory, start NEURON by typing python and then

from neuron import h, gui

This will automatically load the mechanisms compiled in Step 1. If NEURON doesn't find any compiled mechanism, only the "built-in" mechanisms (hh, pas, IClamp, etc) will be available.

Step 3:

Bring up a single compartment model with surface area of 100 um2 (NEURON Main Menu / Build / single compartment) and toggle the HHk button in the Distributed Mechanism Inserter ON. Verify that the new HHk model (along with the Na portion of the built-in HH channel) produces the same action potential as the built-in HH channel (using both its Na and K portions).


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