Using CVode with Short Pulse Stimuli

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Using CVode with Short Pulse Stimuli

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I have a question related to my last post. From implementing different solvers, I learned that CVode().use_daspk() chooses its own time step sizes. (Right?) This is fine for stimuli in the normal physiological time range. When I try to stimulate the cell with pulses shorter than this, I get the

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NEURON: variable step integrator error
message. In the same message, I can use h.CVode().statistics() to demonstrate an err=-6 message.

Based on printing out the time of each step and seeing the failure time, I don't think the integrator is missing the pulse entirely. Maybe it perceives it as containing a discontinuity? (It doesn't.) What's going on here?

Is there any way to make DASPK/CVODE play nicely with very short pulses?
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