Managing a model cell with complex anatomy

The CellBuilder can be very helpful for specifying the spatial grid and biophysical properties of cell models that are based on detailed morphometric reconstructions. In this tutorial, we will construct a model cell that borrows the anatomy of the pyramidal neuron that is included with NEURON's demonstration program.

We'll use the CellBuilder to assign these biophysical properties to our model:










basilar dendrites


e_pas = -65 mV
g_pas = 3.333e-5 S / cm2 (Rm = 30,000 ohm cm2)

apical dendrites


same as basliar dendrites

reduced hh

gnabar_hh and gkbar_hh reduced to 10%
gl_hh = 0 (already has g_pas)

Throughout the cell cm = 1 uf/cm2, Ra = 160 ohm cm.

We will follow this sequence of steps.

Step 1. Get the cell's anatomy into a CellBuilder

Step 2. Create subsets

Step 3. Specify the spatial grid

Step 4. Specify biophysics
     Set up a strategy for specifying biophysics
     Execute the strategy

Step 5. Use the model specification

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