Step 2. Create subsets

While subsets can be helpful in the management of stylized models, they are absolutely essential for dealing with anatomically detailed models.

The CellBuilder gives us an "all" subset automatically.

What other subsets do we need? Let's look back at the table of desired biophysical properties, and think about our biophysics strategy for a moment.

And that's it. We only need to set up an "apicals" subset and an "axon" subset.

"Creating these subsets is left as an exercise for the reader."
Here's what the Subsets page looks like to start. Have at it.

1. Select Subtree.
2. If necessary use "shift click" or "click and drag" to select several sections, one at a time.
3. It may be helpful to zoom in.

We're ready to deal with the spatial grid.

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