nan in meaured voltage and current

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nan in meaured voltage and current

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I have a multicompartment neuron model and use SEClamp. When the pulse amplitude is below about +50mV, it is working perfectly. But when the pulse amplitude is larger than +60mV, the measured voltage as well as the electrode current become nan. I wonder whether it is a precision problem.
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Re: nan in meaured voltage and current

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This is usually caused by either a programmer's error in a mod file, or model equations (usually in a mod file) that are inherently unstable. If you want more specific advice, please zip up all of the hoc, nmodl, and ses files necessary to reproduce the problem (NO dlls please) and email them to
ted dot carnevale at yale dot edu
Please be sure to review these instructions before you send the zip file:
What to include in a zip file, and what to leave out
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