Installing Neuron

(NB: Exercises require Neuron software)

Downloads for stand-alone use (preferred)
See README for instructions to recompile package

Usage notes

Installation under MSWindows

Stand-alone installation under Unix/Linux

It will be necessary to compile a special in the mod directory using the nrnivmodl command. The individual figure simulations can then be run by giving the command mod/$CPU/special Fig#-#.hoc - from the command line. Notice the trailing hyphen that prevents the process from exiting.

See the discussion of browser settings below to set the executable as the executor in mime.types. The following script is useful for launching from a browser since it embeds the special in an xterm.

#!/bin/csh -f
setenv PWD="/where_you_uncompressed_FCTB"
xterm -title "Neuron" -n "Neuron" -e "./hoc/mod/$CPU/special" $1 -

Configuring simulations to load under Netscape, Opera or Mozilla

These browsers depend on configuration of a mime.types file in order to know where to find the program to associate with a particular type of file being read. In general, they all have a preferences menu that alllows you to specify this