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Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:44 pm
by atknox

I was excited to see that local field potentials were added! Unfortunately I was having trouble getting them to work, likely due to my own ignorance. I have the same code as in my previous post about plotRatePSD, where I create a network with the following populations:

netParams.popParams['PY'] = {'cellType': 'sPY','gridSpacing': netParams.sizeX / numcorticalcells, 'zRange':[0.95,1.0], 'yRange':[0.95,1.0], 'cellModel':'HH'}
netParams.popParams['IN'] = {'cellType': 'sIN','gridSpacing': netParams.sizeX / numcorticalcells, 'zRange':[0.95,1.0],'yRange':[49.95,50.0], 'cellModel':'HH'}
netParams.popParams['RE'] = {'cellType': 'sRE','gridSpacing': netParams.sizeX / numthalamiccells, 'zRange':[0.95,1.0],'yRange':[99.95,100.0], 'cellModel':'HH'}
netParams.popParams['TC'] = {'cellType': 'sTC','gridSpacing': netParams.sizeX / numthalamiccells, 'zRange':[0.95,1.0],'yRange':[149.95,150.0], 'cellModel':'HH'}

Then there's some code to finish setting up the network which I've omitted. The I tried two different things for creating the LFP plot:

#1) simConfig.analysis['plotLFP'] = True
#2) simConfig.analysis['plotLFP'] = {'electrodes':['avg'],'plots':['timeSeries']}

Both produce the following output:

Plotting LFP ...
There was an exception in plotLFP():
invalid __array_struct__
Done; plotting time = 0.94 s

Am I doing something wrong, or is there some sort of bug? I'm happy to provide more information if it would be helpful.


Re: plotLFP

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:20 pm
by salvadord
Hi Andrew,

Sorry for the delay responding -- unfortunately the email alerts for this forum are not working.

I have fixed a few minor bugs (including this one) since the release of this feature, so please try the github "development" version and let me know if it works; instructions to install here: ... nt-version