AREADNE 2012 -- Registration Now Open

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AREADNE 2012 -- Registration Now Open

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Research in Encoding and Decoding of Neural Ensembles
Nomikos Conference Center, Santorini, Greece
21-24 June 2012


We are pleased to announce that registration for AREADNE 2012 is now open. AREADNE 2012 will be our fourth meeting at the Nomikos Conference Centre in Santorini, Greece. Continuing with the same highly successful format, the conference will bring scientific leaders from around the world to present their theoretical and experimental work on the functioning of neuronal ensembles. The meeting will provide an informal yet spectacular and inspirational setting in which attendees can discuss their recent discoveries and ideas, with a relaxed pace that emphasizes interaction.

We have a very exciting list of speakers --

Dora Angelaki (Baylor College of Medicine)
Sliman Bensmaia (U. Chicago)
Davi Bock (HHMI Janelia Farm)
Anne Churchland (Cold Spring Harbor)
David Dickman (Baylor College of Medicine)
Michael Hasselmo (Boston University)
Nicholas Hatsopoulos (U. Chicago)
Peter Latham (UCL)
Jean Livet (INSERM)
Jeff Magee (HHMI Janelia Farm)
Dan Margoliash (U. Chicago)
Tirin Moore (Stanford)
John O'Keefe (UCL)
Leslie Osborne (U. Chicago)
John Pezaris (Harvard Med. School)
Panayiota Poirazi (FORTH / IMBB)
Hans Scherberger (DPZ)
Elad Schneidman (Weizmann Institute)
Idan Segev (Hebrew University)
Shy Shoham (Technion)
Eilon Vaadia (Hebrew University)

To register, and for additional information about the meeting, please go to the conference web page

or send email to us at Please forward this message to interested colleagues.

We hope to see you in Santorini!

John Pezaris, Co-Chair
Nicholas Hatsopoulos, Co-Chair
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