Bursting Stimulator

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Bursting Stimulator

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Hi Neuron users,

I would like to play into my single cell model a series of current pulses that occur as a burst. The burst will be generated by 6 pulses of duration 2ms, amplitude 2mA. The burst duration is 250ms, so the current pulses are seperated by 50ms. I want to play this burst into my single cell model at a set frequency f/at some period T.

I suspose I could divise some for loops and manipulate the IClamp mechanism to do this, but I would prefer to make a .mod file which has the frequency as a parameter (and possibly some of the other features of the burst, too). I think it could be quite easy to modify the NetStim mechanism, changing the "interval" parameter so that it had the above properties, but I'm not sure where to start. Can someone help me?


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Re: Bursting Stimulator

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Check out this item in the FAQ list
https://www.neuron.yale.edu/neuron/faq/ ... -questions
I just want a current clamp that will deliver a sequence of current pulses at regular intervals.
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