Inserting .mod files into our hoc code

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Inserting .mod files into our hoc code

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I was attempting to use the insert command in order to add active properties to an axon hillock. I have the axon properties in a separate mod file and am trying to load those properties into my hoc code. It keeps giving me an error when I attempt to insert the channels. I have attached the code I am trying to use as well as the error message. As you can probably guess, I am definitely a beginner when it comes to using hoc.
forsec "ah" {
insert pas
insert NafIs
/Applications/NEURON-7.4/nrn/x86_64/bin/nrniv: syntax error
in Biophysics.hoc near line 23
insert NafIs
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Re: Inserting .mod files into our hoc code

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.mod files contain NMODL source code that specifies new functions and equations that expand NEURON's capabilities. They are typically used to expand NEURON's library of biophysical mechanisms (channel descriptions, ion accumulation and transport mechanisms etc.) or to add new kinds of synaptic mechanisms or classes of artificial spiking cells. Put the .mod files your model needs into the same directory as the hoc, py, and ses files that specify the properties of your model, and compile them. Start NEURON in that directory (either by double clicking on the main hoc file or from the command line), and it will automatically discover the compiled mechanisms and load them. To learn more, see
How do I compile mod files? in the FAQ list (link on the Documentation page
and read either chapters 9 and 10 of The NEURON Book, or the article
Hines, M.L. and Carnevale, N.T.
Expanding NEURON's repertoire of mechanisms with NMODL.
Neural Computation 12:995-1007, 2000
(expanded preprint available at
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