starting repetitive discharge

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starting repetitive discharge

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We modeled action potential of a group of neurons using knwon channels exist in soma, the action potential has no enough hyperpolarization to start repetitive discharge. How could we find the error?
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Re: starting repetitive discharge

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That's a good question. The first step toward answering it is to check each of your ionic currents to make sure it has the voltage dependence and dynamics that you want it to. Perform a series of voltage clamp experiments on a single compartment model and plot the time and voltage dependence of each gating variable, ionic conductance, and ionic current.

The second step is to ask yourself why the problem might occur. Make a list of possible causes, then test each possible cause individually. Use a single compartment model so that you can plot the time course of each gating variable, ionic conductance, and ionic current.

Here are some possibilities that occur to me. See if you can think of others.

Does gk turn off too quickly? Is the potassium conductance density too small? Is ek not negative enough?
If there is there a leak conductance, is it too large? Is the leak reversal potential not negative enough?
Does the voltage dependence of sodium conductance inactivation need to be shifted in the depolarizing direction? (just a few millivolts might be sufficient).
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