X, Y, Z coordinates of a neuromorphic rendering

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X, Y, Z coordinates of a neuromorphic rendering

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Is it possible to save the X, Y, Z coordinates of a neuromorphic rendering of the electrotonic transformation using NEURON.
The best output for me of the neuromorphic rendering coordinates will be an .swc (Duke-Southampton archive of neuronal morphology) file.
Can somebody help me?
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Post by ted »

If you want the numerical values of the attenuations, see
Using the impedance class
in the Forum's Hot tips area

If you just want vector graphics that look nice, turn on "show diam"--
click on the shape plot's menu box
select Shape style / Show diam
use the Print & File Window Manager to save the ImpShape tool's image to
an idraw file (see "How do I save and edit figures?" in the FAQ list
--then save the ImpShape tool to an idraw file. This file will contain
encapsulated PostScript that can be read by vector graphics editing
programs such as CorelDraw.
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