The acceptable range of channels

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The acceptable range of channels

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I am using this model that has three types of cells: wild type, mutant, and mix mode.
I would like to change the values of the Na, K, and Leak parameters to see how the model behavior under certain conditions.
The parameters in the model are:
gnatbar_ichanWT2005 = 0.2
gkfbar_ichanWT2005 = 0.06
gl_ichanWT2005 = 0.0005

How can I know what is the acceptable range of each parameter?

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Re: The acceptable range of channels

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Read experimental papers. Start with the papers on which this model is based. To see a list, click on the ModelDB entry's "Citations" tab. That will also show you papers that cite this model, as well as models that this model entry cites or is cited by.

Also look for this model's channels and cells in, and see what ranges of parameter values have been reported.
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