conduction velocity and AP attenuation in demyelinated axon

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Sun Xiaoqing
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conduction velocity and AP attenuation in demyelinated axon

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Good day,

I've implemented two simple multi-compartment models:
1.A single axon(pas) connected to soma(hh).
2.A single axon(hh) connected to soma(hh).

For Model 1, I gave a threshold stimulus that invoked an action potential (AP) and propagated along the axon. I ran a series of simulations of axon with different diameters(D). I'd like to record the position(x) at the axon when the peak value of the AP decreased to 50% of the AP generated at the soma. Next, I want to plot D vs x. Could you give me some suggestions about this?
I'm reading the post about Spike Duration: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1483 and trying to figure out something which could apply to my case.

For Model 2, I'm referring to the code of fig1.hoc and from Brill77: ... 848#tabs-1
I've tried several times but there wasn't any plot and the axis was not the value of x and D.
I've emailed the code to you and hopefully you could give me some advice.

I really appreciated your time and help. Thank you.

Best regard,
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