SWC file refinements

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SWC file refinements

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I have two swc files i.e. 0ref.swc and 1ref.swc, where 'ref' means refinement. The file 0ref.swc is the original neuron geometry containing 1389 vertices and 1388 edges. The file 1ref.swc is a refined version of 0ref.swc, meaning that if A,B are two points in 0ref.swc, then A,M,B are the points in 1ref.swc and M is the midpoint between A and B. 1ref.swc contains 2777 vertices and 2776 edges.

Question: if I am running a simulation with hh biophysics on both .swc geometries and nseg=21 for both would they be the same? or would the 1ref.swc be more numerically accurate? (I think it is the former because nseg=21 will define the resolution on each section to be 21 segments regardless of which .swc file I use; however, I am not sure)
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Re: SWC file refinements

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Adding new 3D points that lie on the straight line between existing points and have diameters midway between those of the existing points will have no effect on L, diam, or surface area of any section and will not affect simulation results.
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