general: NEURON & CONDOR

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general: NEURON & CONDOR

Post by ubartsch »


We are trying to use Condor for running Neuron jobs on a grid of linux machines.
My rather general questions are:

1) Has anyone ever tried to use Neuron with Condor?

2) It is required that all jobs submitted to nodes in the grid use a statically linked executable. Is is possible to "compile" Neuron models with the needed libraries statically linked (eg. on a file server)? (I would think rather not, as $ldd nrniv results in long list which (surprisingly!) even includes the X11 lib?!)

Many thanks for any suggestion, hint, comment!

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Post by wwlytton »

We used Condor with Neuron 10 years ago but I don't remember anything much about the details of this.

It is possible to do a static compilation -- there is an --enable-static flag for configure

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Post by hines »

instead of --enable-static use --disable-shared
to get rid of all gui stuff use --without-x
If you want to use ParallelContext or the
new parallel network extensions and have mpi
installed use --with-mpi
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