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Issues with Anaconda install

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2021 12:19 pm
by Leam
I am trying to get NEURON up and running on Windows to be used with BMTK through a Conda environment.
I am on Win10 64-bit with conda (4.8.3), python 3.6.10.

I have installed the precompiled version of NEURON (VERSION 7.8.2) and all seems to be working well
(the DEMO through the GUI seems to working and I can use NEURON with python via the nrniv_python)

So far so good.

However, I can't import neuron from specific conda environments (or through python opened as a base environment from the command line.)

Do you know how I can get NEURON embedded as a package within a specific conda environment (i.e. where I have the BMTK package installed??)
I couldn't find anything on conda-forge for MSWin and I can't work it out myself (also somewhat restricted as doing this on a university managed device)

Hope this was clear enough question - if not let me know what you need from me...
Thanks in advance!

Re: Issues with Anaconda install

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2021 4:42 pm
by hines
From a terminal which can run the specific conda environment, do you have a PYTHOPATH that mentions c:\nrn\lib\python ?
If you launch python (in your specific conda environment and without such a PYTHONPATH) can you

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import sys
import neuron
I can't recall but if you 'print (sys.path)` the syntax of the list items for windows may indicate that "c:\\nrn\\lib\\python" may be more appropriate.

Someday there is going to be a neuron wheel for windows python. At that point, I think a lot of installation issues will disappear as just 'pip install neuron' will suffice for installation.

Re: Issues with Anaconda install

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2021 9:01 am
by Leam
I just wanted to update the thread to say that nrn/lib/python was actually correctly in my path and it turned out that the organisational security software was interfering with the package running in the background.
This has now been resolved.

Thanks for your help, it was instrumental to helping me resolving the issue!