Making a Nucleus

Extending NEURON to handle reaction-diffusion problems.

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Making a Nucleus

Post by RBJ » Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:36 am

Hi so in a previous post I mentioned that I had been defining a no go zone in the middle of my cells by creating a region with zero diffusion.
I can't get that to work, so next I have tried using h.pt3dremove() to "bite" a nucleus out of the cell. That doesn't work for me:

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h.pt3dremove(int(x + nucleus0), 0, 0, math.sqrt((nr ** 2) - (x - a) ** 2) + b, sec=sec)
it gave no errors, but I think I may have just been being silly. I don't think pt3dremove even has these arguments.
Can you think of a computationally easy way (with 3D models) to bite a chunk of cell out as a nucleus. i.e., nothing enters?
I guess it is fairly low priority!!!
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