No DISPLAY environment variable

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No DISPLAY environment variable

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Dear NEURON Forum,

I am trying to get NEURON working on my friends Mac OS X 10.9.3 but its not working. When we run the nrngui it tells us

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Warning: no DISPLAY environment variable.
--No graphics will be displayed.
The GUI doesn't appear and load_file doesn't pull it up either.

We have seen some NEURON threads about installing X11. We were actually prompted to do this automatically when we ran NEURON, and its installed some xQuartz. I have opened up the xterm with quartz and attempted to run nrngui from this terminal but it still doesn't display the GUI, coming up with the same warning message. I have seen some messages about changing the DISPLAY variable... can anyone guide me on what to do here/have any advice?


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Re: No DISPLAY environment variable

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How was NEURON installed? From a dmg? If so, which one? Or compiled from source code, and if so, from a gzipped tar file (which one?) or from a clone of the mercurial development code?

In an xterm execute
What does it return?
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