Synaptic input problem when run with mpi

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Synaptic input problem when run with mpi

Post by Krishna Chaitanya » Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:46 am


I recently tried to parallelize multi compartmental granule cell model (Diwakar, 2009). I followed similar approach described in "Translating network models to parallel hardware" and found that I couldn't get synaptic input to my model through spikegenerators. The model has AMPA, NMDA and GABA synapses and couldn't receive any input from it. On the contrary, exponential synapses such as ExpSyn seems to work perfectly fine. I tried to print time and cell id at the last after completion of simulation but it shows nothing and time and cell id's are printed perfectly when I used exponential synapse.

What could be the cause for it? Do I have to do something else? Please kindly let me know.

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