IBM Research: Theoretical/Computational Neuroscience

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IBM Research: Theoretical/Computational Neuroscience

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The IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights, NY) is seeking a researcher having strong interest and extensive experience in theoretical & computational neural science and brain modeling, for a Research Staff Member position. Familiarity with information theory and a strong background in statistical physics are also desirable.

IBM Watson Research has a long tradition and strong presence in computational sciences and excellent computing facilities such as the BlueGene Supercomputer Center. Our current interests and expertise in computational neuroscience include: biologically realistic neuronal and network modeling, with external experimental collaboration; fMRI analysis for understanding of brain function & disease states; analysis of biological networks using statistical physics methods; and biologically-inspired deep learning using Bayesian inference and information-theoretic approaches.

The successful candidate is expected to pursue independent research of world class quality in theoretical/computational neuroscience directed at understanding information processing in the brain, and to work with other IBM researchers to explore new brain-inspired computing paradigms and brain-computer interfaces.

To apply, please visit ... ES-0491538

Please contact us directly (below) if you have any questions regarding this position.

The neuroscience search committee:

- Yuhai Tu (
- Roger Traub (
- Ralph Linsker (
- Guillermo Cecchi (
- Mark Ritter (
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