postdoc and programmer jobs

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postdoc and programmer jobs

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Real people needed for research in virtual laboratory. We are recruiting programmers and postdocs
for development of in silico brain (thalamus-cortex) for interfacing within a real sensorimotor
task being performed online with ongoing cortical and thalamic recording. Project offers an
unusual opportunity to combine machine learning algorithms with realistic neuronal network
simulation and to combine both with actual tasks being performed in real time.

The concrete tip of this virtual lab-berg is sited in New York so preference will be given to
NYC metropolitan area and East Coast individuals. Those elsewhere in USA will also be
considered. Excellent virtual communication skills and ability to function in a virtual
laboratory are required -- ie fluent typing with ability (and willingness) to communicate
frequently via email/IM and to maintain an online laboratory notebook. Lab runs linux;
simulations are run in NEURON; a new HPC supercomputer is being purchased for this project's use.

Ideal candidate should know everything, failing that should know something out of these long

For programmers: linux/unix environment; strong programming skills in C/C++,
perl, python, other scripting languages; numerical algorithms, ODE simulation; machine learning
algorithms. Preference will be given to individuals who have been heavily involved in major
software projects in past with work in optimizing code/algorithms/data structures, use of
software management/versioning tools within a development team.

For postdocs: Much of the above listed computer knowledge; computational neuroscience;
neocortical/thalamic anatomy and physiology; simulation with NEURON; information theory; signal
processing; ensemble activity analysis

contact: Bill Lytton ( with CV and a nice letter.
(equal opp employer of course)

Re: postdoc and programmer jobs

Post by bainmeasures »

hi, i did master in cs and now enrolled in post master in cs but don't have any software house experience can i apply for this job???
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