Preserving code and text formatting

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Preserving code and text formatting

Post by ted »

Here's a couple of hints that will make your code postings on the
Forum more readable. It can also be helpful if you want to present
some text formatted in columns.

1. Encapsulate the whole mess of code in
. . . your code goes here . . .
This is BBCode markup that tells phpBB to format . . . as code.
Otherwise all leading blanks are lost when the msg is rendered
on the Forum--ugly.

But using BBCode markup won't do any good at all unless you also:
2. Do not disable BBCode in your posts.
If you find that applying the code markup has no effect, you will probably
have to change your user preferences on the Forum to allow BBCode.
If you ever need to post a message that does NOT use BBCode to control
formatting, click on the checkbox for
Disable BBCode in this post
(located below the message edit field).

For text in columns, first create it offline with a plain ASCII editor that shows
your text in a fixed width typeface (e.g. Courier). Use spaces to set up
column alignment. Then copy and paste the formatted text into the Forum,
and finally wrap it inside [code] . . . [/code], as described above. Not terribly
convenient, but it works.
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