hoc programers section in the forum

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hoc programers section in the forum

Post by Keivan »

We have a section for gui and a section for python, but no section for hoc. I think it would nice if there was a section for hoc programing in the forum.
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Re: hoc programers section in the forum

Post by ted »

Keivan wrote:We have a section for gui
and a section for python
but no section for hoc.
True in the narrowest, most technical sense, so therefore misleading. The "GUI" section was created so that people would have a place to hold discussions that are principally about the GUI, and the "Python" section was originally created for discussions related to the integration of Python as an alternative interpreter (that's why it is in the "NEURON DESIGN" area of the Forum).

Look and you will find discussions about hoc in almost _all_ sections of The NEURON Forum, including the "GUI" and "Python" sections (when relevant to the purpose of those sections). The only
exceptions are the sections under "Computational neuroscience in general," which by definition are not supposed to be directly relevant to NEURON.

It would be a mistake to create a special "hoc" section because most questions that involve hoc are not really about hoc per se. They are about some particular application to which hoc is being put.
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