unload mechanisms dll

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unload mechanisms dll

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I am using Neuron ver. 7.5 master(4d65a2c+) 2017-08-17 under Linux with Python 3.6.4 and I am importing mechanisms with h.nrn_load_dll(). This works fine the first time, but if this is done the second time, the python kernel crashes. I could of course keep track in a variable if the dll has been loaded already, but I wonder, is there is a way to cleanly unload the dll? I am thinking of a scenario where I'd like to work with multiple dll's that contain different membrane mechanism configurations without putting multiple versions of the same mechanism in the same dll.

I also tried reloading the neuron module like this:
import importlib

but the python kernel is still crashing.
Thank you!
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Re: unload mechanisms dll

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is there is a way to cleanly unload the dll?
No. Exit NEURON, then restart NEURON.
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