Passing an objref array by reference to a function

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Passing an objref array by reference to a function

Post by miller »


Does anybody know how I can pass an objref array by reference to a function?

I want to do something like:

// begin
func foo(){localobj arr
arr = $o1
arr[0]=new Vector(10)
arr[1]=new Vector(20)
return ERR_OK

objref arr[2]

// end

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Post by ted »

I've always found arrays to be limiting, because no matter how many objects
I think I need today, sure enough, tomorrow I need a different number. Lists
are a far more flexible way to deal with multiple objects, even objects of
different classes (although this simple example sticks with objects of the
same kind).

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objref bah

bah  // will print NULLobject

proc foo() { local ii
  $o1 = new List()
  for ii=0,$2-1 $o1.append(new Vector())


bah  // will print List...
bah.count()  // shows it contains objects
for jj=0,bah.count()-1 print bah.object(jj)  // says what they are

Post by miller »

Yes, I know, it can be done with a list. But isn't there also a possibility to do it with an array?
I write the function for an existing program, that already uses arrays and I would like not to modify it much.
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Post by hines »

There is no direct way to pass an objref array to a function. Probably the least violent transformation to existing code is to make use of a wrapper object as is done with strdef.
The every occurrence of an array variable becomes variable.o and instead of declaring

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objref variable[n]
one declares

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objref variable
variable = new ObjectArray(n)

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begintemplate ObjectArray
public o, n
objref o
proc init() {
     objref o[n]
endtemplate ObjectArray
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