Step 1. Bring up a Channel Builder

We're setting up a distributed or "density" mechanism, so create a Channel Builder by clicking on
   Build / Channel Builder / Density
in the NEURON Main Menu toolbar.

Release the mouse button and a Channel Builder appears.
This one is called ChannelBuild[0] ; we'll refer to it as "CB".

In the top panel of this tool we see that it starts out specifying a passive leak current described by Ohm's law, and that it is carried by a "nonspecific ion" :
i_leak = g_leak * (v - e_leak)
The default values for the conductance density and equilibrium potential of this current are 0 S/cm2 and 0 mV, respectively. Ohm's law is OK, but we have to change the other properties of this channel : its name, its ion, and its default conductance and equilibrium potential.

Next we will change the channel's name, ion, default conductance and equilibrium potential.

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