Recent developments in NEURON

TitleRecent developments in NEURON
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsHines, M. L., and Carnevale N. T.
JournalBrains, Minds and Media
Keywordschannel distributions, model discovery, ModelDB, morphometric data, NEURON simulator, stochastic channels

We describe four recent additions to NEURON's suite of graphical tools that make it easier for users to create and manage models: an enhancement to the Channel Builder that facilitates the specification and efficient simulation of stochastic channel models; an enhancement to the Cell Builder that enables the convenient specification of spatially non-uniform properties in anatomically complex cells; the Model Viewer, which presents a browsable and quickly understood summary of the properties of models of individual cells and networks; and the Import3D tool, which simplifies conversion of detailed morphometric data into computational models of neurons.

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Preprint available here as recent_developments_preprint.pdf but you should be able to get a much nicer looking version from, the WWW site of Brains, Minds and Media. 
Describes special features of four of NEURON's GUI tools: how to implement stochastic channel models with the Channel Builder; how to specify spatially nonuniform properties with the Cell Builder; the Model Viewer, a tool for quickly discovering the properties of models; the Import3D tool, for converting detailed morphometric data (e.g. Neurolucida) into computational models of neurons.