Record number of publications that used NEURON

As of January 29, 2012, we know of 1176 publications that report work that used NEURON--see . This is an increase of 169 from the total of 1007 on September 3, 2010, the last time we updated this page.

It may seem a surprise that many of these newly discovered papers were actually published several years ago: 4 in 2007, 7 in 2008, 10 in 2009, and 46 in 2010. We have noted this "delayed discovery" phenomenon every year since we started keeping track of NEURON publications. We believe that it reflects the delay between the time that a paper is published and the time that it is finally indexed by the literature databases (we rely mostly on PubMed and Science Citations Index). Because of the delay between publication and indexing, we expect that the totals for 2009, 2010, and 2011 (98, 103, and 94, respectively) will continue to increase for at least the next one to three years.

Since the lag between publication and discovery can be quite long, we ask NEURON users to tell us when they publish work that involved NEURON, and to inform us if they know of anything we should add to the bibliography. And it is time now to thank those of you who have done just that. Please be sure to check the bibliography and verify that your paper(s) made the list; if not, let us know and we'll take care of it. Thanks again for using NEURON in your research and teaching!