NEURON 7.8.2 released

NEURON 7.8.2 adds support for Python 3.9 and is otherwise a bug-fix release. Bug-fixes in this release include:

  • User-created pointers are now checked to be non-null before dereferencing.
  • Rare RangeVarPlot point-duplication prevented.
  • Test script enhancements.
  • Bugfix on determining which reversal potentials need to be recalculated when using an explicit h.ion_style
  • Windows cmake gui event loop fix when running via nrniv -python instead of directly from python.
  • Support for running on systems with placeholder python files that prompt installation of Python.
  • Reaction-diffusion support is more robust to model changes after creation (Sections no longer kept alive, detects changes to nseg in variable step even if cvode.re_init is not called).
  • Bugfix to reaction-diffusion extracellular multicompartment reaction fluxes with MPI.
  • Test script enhancements.
  • modlunit support for NMODL "REPRESENTS" keyword.
  • Fix for rare library name extension issues (libpython2 vs libpython2.7)