NEURON 7.8.1 released

What’s new in NEURON 7.8

  • Easier installation on macOS and Linux; just use: “pip3 install neuron”

  • More reaction-diffusion integration: PlotShape.plot support, h.distance, node in sec

  • Increased support for Python graphics packages

    • PlotShape.plot and RangeVarPlot.plot both gained support for plotly; RangeVarPlot.plot also gained support for plotnine

  • New, optional mechanism syntax and introspection; mechanism descriptions now displayed in ModelView

    • h.hh.insert(h.allsec()) and soma.insert(h.hh)

    • h.hh.code, h.hh.file, help(h.hh)

    • If the nmodl module is installed: h.hh.ontology_ids, h.hh.ast, h.hh.ions

  • Cleaner mod-file pointer setting syntax

  • Gui redirect support for routing legacy graphics to an interviews alternative

  • Support for cmake compilation in addition to autotools

  • Compilation flag for using 2019 SI unit values (off by default)

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and optimizations


Possibly breaking change (but very rare in practice):

  • SectionList iteration does not change the currently accessed section; use section methods or sec= instead