Troubleshooting the MSWin installer

Problem: The installer refuses to install NEURON.
Solution: This happens if you try to install NEURON to a directory that already exists, e.g. if you installed a previous version of NEURON. Either install the previous version (recommended), or delete the old directory.


nrn*setup.exe allows you the choice of whether to
  • associate hoc and nrnzip files with neuron.exe and mos2nrn.exe respectively. The former allows you to click on hoc files to launch them with neuron.exe, and the latter allows you to autolaunch NEURON models from ModelDB
  • create a folder on your desktop with shortcuts to relevant NEURON items
  • create a NEURON program group in the Start menu

Installation directory

You can install NEURON to any location that DOES NOT CONTAIN spaces. The default is c:\nrnnn where nn is the version number.


The Start menu has a NEURON program group with an Uninstall shortcut. Uninstall will cause hoc and nrnzip files to be not associated with any program, and removes the installation directory, the desktop NEURON folder, and the NEURON program group (if those were created by the installer).

If for some reason the NEURON program group does not exist, then use the standard MSWindows "Add/Remove Programs" tool.