NEURON 7.1 now available

The new standard distribution of NEURON is version 7.1, which is available from the download page A few new features have been added, such as
  • A Python Section can be given a name and/or and owner when it is constructed. For example, in a Cell class the constructor can make sections as in
    soma = h.Section(self, name = 'soma')

IntFire4 improvements: thanks to van Elburg and van Ooyen!

The algorithms used in the IntFire4 artificial spiking neuron have been revised to be more biologically plausible, in light of findings described in a paper by Ronald van Elburg and Arjen van Ooyen which appeared in a recent issue of Neural Computation (see REFERENCE below). We would like to take this occasion to describe their results and thank them for making this valued contribution to the community of NEURON users.

IntFire4 is a "current-based" integrate and fire mechanism which has an "excitatory current" that decays with time constant taue, and a biphasic "inhibitory

A new look and new functionality

NEURON's web site has a new look and feel! We're switching from static HTML to a dynamic site that enables active participation of the NEURON user community in the creation and revision of documentation. We hope you share our enthusiasm, and invite you to join us in maximizing the usefulness of NEURON and this web site! Read more about the purpose of this web site.

Previous news and milestones

Here are earlier news articles and announcements from the NEURON Forum and the old WWW site. Note that some of the links on these old pages may be broken.


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