What is the purpose of this web site?

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The purpose of this web site is to advance the development of NEURON's software and its documentation, and to help users apply NEURON more effectively in their research and teaching. It will do this by
  • gathering valuable feedback from users to help guide the development of software and documentation
  • facilitating productive interactions among users via on-line discussion groups
  • publishing authoritative information about NEURON
  • enabling collaborative development of software and documentation with users who have special expertise, e.g. in dynamic clamp, network modeling, dynamical systems
  • catalyzing and coordinating future meetings of the NEURON Users' Group
To accomplish these goals, we have ported NEURON's old web site to an open-source, customizable content management system, which presents information in a way that is easy to navigate, and supports secure collaborative development.

"Secure collaborative development? What's that?"

To a large degree, the success of this venture will depend on active participation by members of the community of NEURON users. So we are opening up NEURON's web site. This means that

  • Anyone may read the content of the new site.
  • Registered users may add comments (see note below).
  • Authorized users may add and edit site content (blogs, short notes, longer documents).
  • Since this is a moderated web site, we reserve the right to edit or delete any content.
"Who can register? And who gets to be an 'authorized user'?"

Registration is open to anyone who is interested in computational neuroscience, whether you use NEURON or not.

An "authorized user" is someone who has volunteered (or responded to our begging) to write something "informative and useful" for the site about NEURON or a related topic in computational neuroscience. We're open to suggestions of possible authors and topics.

We hope you share our enthusiasm about NEURON and this web site, and invite you to join us in maximizing the usefulness of both!

A comment about comments

Comments should be directly related to materials that are posted on this site. Bug reports, requests for help with development or usage of models, job announcements, and general questions or discussions about computational neuroscience should be posted at The NEURON Forum http://www.neuron.yale.edu/phpBB/